Unlikeness Records

Founded in 2020, Unlikeness Records has evolved into a nurturing haven for emerging and gifted artists such as S-forcess, Headshaker, Ridge, Revala, Celle, PUUR, and more talents yet to come!

Our doors are wide open to new and rising artists, as we aspire to curate a diverse pool of promising future music acts spanning various genres.

We pride ourselves on offering our artists a guiding hand throughout the entire process, ensuring they have the creative freedom to cultivate their unique style and make strides within the industry through our label.
Join us on this journey of musical exploration and growth!

Unlikeness Records isnt’t just a record label, but an Unlikeness Records Family unlike the rest.

Sven Vanden berghe

Sven Vanden berghe

Founder and CEO

As he was a music producer in his twenties, Sven’s makes it his personal mission to provide a platform to the new upcoming talent of today.

Sophie De Clercq

Sophie De Clercq

Singer - Songwriter

Since being little, Sophie already was a big music fanatic.
While growing up being inspired by artists like:
Evanescence, Nightwish, Ed Sheeran and Eminem.
Armed with the dream to write music herself to share with others around the world.
Sophie began the musical journey at the age of 13 with drumming, after just one year developed a passion for playing guitar as well.
When hitting the twenties Sophie started with writing lyrics, so that makes Sophie a singer-songwriter.
Sophie really lays the emphasis on “feelings and honesty” in writing of music.